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*************Minors must legal guardian present, and birth cert

or other supporting doc such as a passport and or

court papers with I.D. 

How to prepare for your Tattoo and Piercing appointment:

Deposits for custom art are non refundable, as it goes directly to artist, as payment to create custom tattoo art.  If you are a no show or cancel your appointment without a 24 hour notice your deposit will be lost.  We respectfully put time aside on our books to service you and when there is a no show, we are not afforded the ability to rebook a lost time space.  Please understand.

  A must.....stay hydrated, be hydrated!   Staying hydrated will allow you to heal better maintaining a proper electrolyte balance, we recommend 8 to 10 glasses of water days before tattoo session as well as day of, feel free to take plenty of supplements including vitamin C for cellular repair which helps with new skin production.

Avoid products with heavy chemicals that maybe reactive to a newly tattooed area, we recommend good ole Vaseline (r), never Neosporin(r) as it may pull color, in fact avoid all topical antibiotics for this reason.

Get skin prepped by cleaning and exfoliating several days prior to tattoo, not the day of as the skin may be irritated.

Keep your blood sugar the day of your appointment and a few hours before coming in, this is very important as to prevent fainting.

We do have snacks and soda here during your prep time as well as break.

Dress for comfort, not dressed to kill.......

Please keep your crew from distracting the artist during sessions, most of all, if you are going to bring your support team, ask the artist permission to see if it will be a good fit, know however he or she does have the right to decline if they feel it impedes the ability to perform.  So...please be respectful

No' No's before a tattoo and piercing session:

No dirty, open, busted, disgusted, tore up broken skin, we will not work on you.

The Day of your service:

We do have a lovely TV and movies to watch, feel free to bring in a favorite DVD to watch, also video games to enjoy while you are getting tattooed.  You may also bring your devices to help keep you entertained and distracted.

Under the influence of medications or other substances must be an RX and you must have a driver.

Children are not allowed.

Wear comfortable clothing, as it may get stained or ruined with ink,  we are not responsible for damaged clothing.

Please be aware of cross contamination. Do not touch your fresh tattoo during your session, on break, or while using the restroom, as it can leave behind biologicals and spread disease.  Client comfort and sanitation is one of the most important things at our facility outside clean and artistic applications of tattoo living art. 

Discuss all and any ideas/inspirations/changes/modifications directly with your tattooist and or piercer directly before any and all services, this would include pricing and policies.

  We reserve the right to refuse any and all services

Thank you Dark Heart Staff

Numbing is available for an additional fee of $50, regardless of size.

*There are no refunds on tattooing or piercing services.

*Please leave children

at home, thank you


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