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We specialize in Continuing education (CE) for the Medical, Beauty and Tattooing fields

Currently available classes are the following:  Piercing basics, 1, 2 and advanced piercings 1, 2

( piericing 1 basic Classic) class is a concise class on the art of piercing and sanitation, this would include risks, myths and warnings, such as contraindications,

allergies, migration, diseases, scarring, physical changes and risk assessment of placement.  This class includes learning the techniques of ear and nose basic common and most popular that is the easiest to perform such as common ear lobes, 1st and second hole and simple nose piercing

Piercing 2, covers the above basic info, with the addition of cartridge piercings, this would include the following areas (Helix, Forward Helix, Upper Helix, Mid Helix, Low Helix.

Piercing, covers the above basic info, with the addition of the Tragus, Daith, Conch, Rook, Flat, and industrial bar placement.

Advanced 1 Piercings are the following (Nipples, Belly button upper and lower, Snake bites, Labret, Monroe, Medusa.)

Advanced 2 Micro dermal implant piercing techniques, placement. 

All classes include morning lecture this includes anatomy, safety, piercing preperation, procedure start to finish, techniques of placement, aftercare.  Followed by all hands on in afternoon with fake skin and live models.  All classes include paperwork for documentation and how to perform consultation as well as professional photography.

All classes are 1 day and are continuing education CE and each day class is $995.  Classes do include basic kits of needles, clamps and basic jewelry.  This is 20 needles, 4 clamps, calipers and 20 pieces of basic jewelry that is relative to class taken. 

All classes are performed and taught by experienced professional in the tattooing and piercing field.

For inquiries please text us at 623-205-5733 to set up an phone appointment to have a great Q and A time.

or email at

Model Form for piercing


We will text to reach out, please put your cell.*

Type of piercing requested by model *

Please fill out the form for being a model for a piercing class.  The cost for a model piercing is 25$  This will include jewelry and anesthetic if needed.  This price is steeply discounted from our normal pricing.  We thank you for your participation.  We will contact you directly for being a model and see if you will be a good fit.

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