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Tiny Tattoos

Welcome to our CE for the beauty and body modification art field. 

Take your skills to the next level with precision and great execution of expressive with tiny tattoos.

This is a per class that can be stacked to your specifications and what you are qualified or qualifying to achieve.

Each Class is respectfully taught by seasoned artist of several decades experience.

All day classes 1, 2, 3, 4 are $990 a piece a total combination of $3960.

 If 4 days are taken, full kit is supplied machine and inks etc.

Pre study for Class is done online which includes theory including BBP and Sanitation training, class is all hands on.

These classes are designed for success by professional body artist and shadowing can be done in our shop once your classes are completed at no additional costs for a lifetime.  Come and be apart of our community and get the support that you need.  Our shop is open 7 days a week. 

Class one is Stencil perfection.  It utilizes all (modalities) to create stencils, machine and hand drawn, all the secrets will be laid out for perfection of transference to skin.

You will learn the skill to do and trouble shoot (precise) stencils in a professional manner that will be ready for skin applications.

Skin prepping and skin stretching. 

The first day you will learn the differences in artistic lay downs of placement and what is needed to create a clear stencils on the skin.

You will understand the importance of stencil transfer secrets with prepping solutions and drying times.

Product knowledge and usages correctly shown will gain your confidence.

Class Two is secure your stencil using a tattoo machine and working on lines.  This is what to refer to as line work or outlines.  You will be learning pressure, strokes and discovering the push or pull method to achieve the best outlines to secure shape and what works best with your individual style.  Preventing blowouts or migration issues.  You will be learning all the needles needed to make the best outlines and or line work.

Class 3 is pure shading utilizing all the techniques of slower speeds, hand movements and blending methods for black and grey work.  During this time we will be using all needles cluster that will be used to generate shaded tattoos, so you can use the most variety of needles knowing their particular personalities and how to achieve specific affects.

Class 4 is shading and color blending, a must for seamless color applications and flawless popping multidimensional tattoo's.

Learn the secrets of color blending saturation and color transitions as well as what not to do!!! 

This class is the icing on the cake of completion of our series of classes.

This skill is what creates the best tattoos that are the most desirable offering the move from grey tones to the total package of art coming together, almost like adding a frame on canvas art, the final and finishing touches.


Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 all together $3960

Please see description above. 

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