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Private Piercing Room (only one in N. AZ)

*****Prices reflect the quality of service, privacy and professional services rendered in a Spa setting.

Numbing and Hypnosis techniques used to manage pain.

*****We specialize in Children's piercing, we are very knowledgeable and patient!

********There are no refunds on piercings or jewelry

************Please leave children at home

**************All sales are final

*Minors must have legal Guardian Present with birth cert or sign a affidavit

All jewelry professional removal is *$25 per removal or installation per piece.  We do not install jewelry for free.

Individual Dermal removal is 99$ per area

Ball replacement is $20

*Professional placement of jewelry in pierced area is $25, does not include jewelry costs. 

*Consumer bringing in their personal jewelry may or may not work for a particular piercing, please speak to piercer.  Jewelry must fit correct regarding swelling and nature of the area.

*Consumer bringing in jewelry or needles will not change cost.

*We will not use needles or instruments consumers bring in,

due to being not sterilized by us personally.

*We guarantee piercings for 30 days, we will re pierce, replace balls, change out jewelry or service area at no additional cost, after 30 days you will have to adhere to our normal costs. 

* Guarantee must be done by same piercer who provided service, please note your piercer appropriately, does not include client taking jewelry before time of healing to install their own.  We only guarantee our work, not modifications of original piercing.

* Not responsable for damaged, removed old jewelry, or damage to skin for the removal of jewelry piece or placement of new piece.

***********A pair pricing is charged regardless if you only chose one piercing and it is requested of the pierced area..this includes only single jewelry placement, not as two.  One piercing, charged as a pair, we do not split the cost if you chose a single piercing for a paired area.  On the other hand, a single piercing is not the price as a double piercing.  Typically traditional ears are a pair and pierced as such.  All other ear/cartilage piercings are considered single piercings, not as doubled.  If you need double, please inform piercer, but the charge is double of the piercing listed below.  All cartilage piercings are considered by the industry as singles, please manage expectations.

Piercings offered

Our shop is exquisitely clean and offers professional piercing in a spa like setting, numbing is available on request for $50.00 extra added to piercing price.

All our needles are prepackaged and single use pre sterilized.

All prices include standard jewelry (14-16 guage) prices do not reflect  specialty gauges, just simple stainless steel jewelry, however you may upgrade to other choices with additional fee's for jeweled and or titanium pieces.

***Please make all inquiries to our piercer directly before piercing service, regarding pricing of service and jewelry upgrades before service.

Eyebrow piercing






Tongue Piercing vertical

Tongue horizontal

viper bites, midline surface



Madonna, Monroe, Medussa, Lebret


Snake bites


Nose Bridge


Ear Lobes 

first 3 up on lobe




Forward Helix




Orbital *  ask for details




Vertical Labret





$ 100






Vampire smiley



Anti Tragus






Top Navel


Ashley piercing


Nipples 1 or 2


Surface bar piercing


Web piercing


One dimple piercing


Two dimple piercing



Dermal implant Piercing

$99 per one implanted area this includes your choice of

up graded jewelry titanium with Jewel and numbing for your comfort all included in price.  10k, 12k, 14k, with diamond or other semi precious stones are starting at $250, which also includes numbing and professional installation.

Please arrive 45 to an hour prior before appointment

to start the numbing process if required or requested. 

Anesthetic is not charged for piercings, but time is to be considered.

We do carry fine 14k gold dermals, this is separate pricing, please inquire with piercer.

xxx​ Piercing

We have this done in a private piercing room and with numbing if allowed.

Nipple $99 set, $99 for single

*Basic Genital starts at $250 minimum per piercing.

*Prince A, PA, is starting at $250 per piercing.

*Prices include Jewelry, specialty specific jewelry might not be available.  Please ask your piercer before service is rendered.

All XXX require apts.

*All XXX is numbed with a topical anesthetic

"We have reserve the right to refuse service"


****Please see piercing after care for these healings.

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