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Expertly done as we pre numb the area to allow for maximum comfort during the procedure.

Numbing is for 45 minutes to an hour.

Actual procedure is around 5 minutes.

Design placement and jewel style/projection/selection is made before actual procedure to ensure satisfaction.

Aftercare can be found here below:

First 24 hours keep covered completely with band aid, massage gently during this time every couple of hours to help anchor to adhere and allow blood flow to area, this helps with rejection, the body trying to push the anchor out. Do not spin or rotate jewelry, this will cause the jewelry/anchor to fall out. The new skin that forms in the pocket the dermal is placed in, this is what keeps the dermal in place, hence spinning, knocking or disturbing area cause rejection by loosing the tissue that it is supposed to be anchored in. This is true for the life of the dermal and its longevity.

After 24 hours you may take bandage off during day, but pay attention to any area that may rub or catch on it.

After first 24 hours, at night always cover your dermal to prevent sheet snagging. This will help prevent irritation and infection.

If you desire to have your jewel top to be replaced, changed out style/color. This should be done 3 to 4 months after initial implant. This will require a professional piercer to handle the area.

 We do charge a 25$ fee for this.

No cleaning area with alcohol, bactein, neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, as these will damage dissolve away healthy tissue that is trying to heal, which is essential for anchoring process. Disharging fluids are normal in the healing process and essential.

Salt water soaking....with distilled water. Pure sea salt, 4tbs of salt per one gallon of water.

Once or twice a day take a coffee/shot class cup, warm in microwave..(WARM). Please do so over a sink. Place cup with water gently over area and keep there in place with pressure to form light suction. Hold the salted water there in cup, cupping would for at least 15 minutes, this will provide a healing soak.

Shot glasses are the preferred methods of soaking smaller areas like the face, as it is easier to hold.

Please see more details found on

our designated aftercare page, the last

page found on our website. 

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Virtually Pain Free and Easy to install,

a Great way to update your look!

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